Preventive Dentistry

Empower Your Smile: Preventive Dentistry for Lifelong Wellness and Healthier Smiles Ahead

Discover a Brighter Smile and Healthier You with Preventive Dentistry

Our practice's core philosophy revolves around preventing dental issues before they arise. We're committed to the science-backed belief that dental health influences overall well-being. Emerging research highlights the strong connection between periodontitis (gum disease), its accompanying bacteria and inflammation, and chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Surprisingly, many systemic diseases exhibit early symptoms in the oral cavity. While dental disease is widespread, the good news is that it's avoidable!

Elevate Your Dental Care with Professional Cleanings and Gum Treatments

Our team of dental hygienists is equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise to deliver a comprehensive and top-tier cleaning experience. We focus on cleaning and assessing the health of supporting tissues, tailoring a customized treatment plan to your unique needs. Dr. Caroline and our hygiene experts collaborate to chart the optimal treatment path for those dealing with periodontal disease. Our utmost priority is cultivating a relationship built on trust, ensuring your comfort and dental health are paramount.

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What is the role of a dental hygienist?

While you might only reserve your dental visits for when something goes wrong, preventative dental cleanings and inspections are the cornerstones of healthy gums and teeth. Our dental hygienists perform a variety of functions that come under the umbrella of preventative dentistry.

One of the functions that a dental hygienist performs is cleaning your teeth. While regular flossing and brushing are essential, it’s impossible to reach many areas of your teeth. This is why regular oral cleanings by a hygienist are crucial. Our dental hygienists remove the built-up plaque and tartar in your teeth to ensure that your mouth stays healthy.

Dental hygienists can also conduct oral inspections to detect signs of oral diseases. The early detection of these diseases can enable us to create a customized treatment plan for you and nip the problem in the bud.

Another critical purpose of our dental hygienist is to educate you about the necessary steps you should take to maintain your teeth’ health and ensure their longevity. They give you advice regarding healthy oral habits and inform you about dental solutions like teeth whitening.

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Preserve Your Smile with Preventive Resin Restorations

Imagine safeguarding vulnerable back teeth from decay. Our preventive resin restorations are designed to seal and protect those susceptible grooves. This proactive approach starts as soon as the tooth emerges, preventing bacteria from causing lasting harm. The grooves of the teeth are meticulously cleaned then a white flowable filling is skillfully bonded to seal these grooves. A white flowable filling is then skillfully bonded to seal these grooves. Occasionally, hidden decay is uncovered, which we promptly address with a conventional white composite resin filling. Embracing early, minimally invasive interventions such as preventive resin restorations can preserve tooth structure, staving off the agony of dental decay.

Stay Ahead of Oral Health with VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

In addition to a thorough visual examination of oral and head-neck tissues, Dr. Caroline leverages VELscope light to detect early tissue changes that could signify underlying diseases, including cancer. Oral cancer incidence is rising, especially among women and individuals without apparent risk factors. Yearly examinations are recommended for all adults, with biannual screenings for smokers, oral tobacco users, and heavy alcohol consumers. Even denture wearers who infrequently visit a dentist should prioritize regular screenings. Reach out today at 403-346-0077 for details and appointments.

Unwind and Protect with Night Guards for Bruxism and Clenching

Bid farewell to teeth grinding and jaw clenching with our custom-made night guards. These transparent appliances provide a protective shield against the wear and tear caused by these habits, preventing issues like wear, cracks, gum recession, and loose teeth. Moreover, they alleviate stress on chewing muscles and the jaw joint, promoting relaxation. While a night guard won't eliminate the habit, it's your guardian against further damage and potentially costly dental repairs. Experience comfort and precision with our meticulously crafted night guards, a must-have if you or your loved ones struggle with bruxism.

Score Big on Safety with Custom Professional Sports Mouth Guards

Athletes of all ages engaged in contact sports deserve the safeguard of a tailor-made mouthguard. Unlike generic options, our custom sports guards provide comprehensive protection, cushioning your mouth, teeth, and jaw in the event of facial trauma. A precise impression of your upper teeth ensures a snug fit for unbeatable comfort. These mouthguards can also be personalized with team colours or unique designs. For more information about this invaluable service, reach out to our office today.

Embrace the power of preventive dentistry – your smile and well-being will thank you!

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